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  • Highly vetted candidates that have many of the skill sets that you are seeking
  • Digital interviews that enable you to "meet the candidate" on your own time
  • Summit Sourcing Group's review/assessment of the candidate with valuable insight into their background and experience
  • Start to finish coordination of interviews, application coordination, process management, negotiations (if needed)
  • Professional communication throughout the process

Summit Sourcing Group works with organizations that are committed to having a true partner in their human capital needs.  They seek a consultative relationship with a firm that has their current and future needs at the top of their minds every day.  Our group is able to provide a variety of services such as management resource planning, job description development, recruitment process evaluation, and candidate profile creation.  Our satisfaction comes from the fact that our customers trust us to be an extension of their organization and represent their group with the highest level of professionalism to attract, educate and deliver the future leaders of their companies.

At Summit Sourcing Group, we work closely with our clients to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business first.  We then work together to create a successful candidate profile, job description, and determine what are the key things that they want to know about a candidate as part of the submission process.  This helps paint a clear picture of expectations from both sides for a targeted search.

After we have gathered the information, we utilize the latest technologies to find, screen and verify candidates.  Those that meet our high standards are vetted by industry leaders that know what it takes to get a job done!  Our professional deliverable to you during the process include: